Batman #7

Batman #7 written by Steve Orlando/Tom King, Art by Riley Rossmo, Color by Ivan Plascencia, and Letters by Deron Bennet.  Published by DC Comics and is the first real part of the first DC Rebirth Event.  Over the last few months since launching Rebirth DC has been destroying the competition on comic sales.


From the first moment I saw the ad for Night of the Monster Men, I added the whole event to my pull list.  I don’t read Nightwing, but Detective Comics has been one of my favorite Rebirth titles, and also showcased the whole Bat Family in a great light.  With Batman being my favorite hero there was no way I wasn’t going to read this event.  That being said Batman #7 Night of the Monster Men Part 1 was everything I wanted.  In the previous arc of Batman, they have slowly been building up on the Monster Men and bringing Dr Strange into the picture.  While it is a solo Batman title, it brings the whole Bat Family into the picture adding in  Batwoman, Nightwing, Clayface, Orphan, Spoiler and Duke.  Part One shows us the start of the Monster Men, gives us an idea of who created them and also who the first one is.  Another big part of this story is showing how Batman is reacting to the end of the last story arc and how he is treating his Bat Family after what happened. The ending left me wanting to dive right into Nightwing #5 and keep the story going.


HOLY SH!T!  This is some of the best art I’ve ever seen.  Adding to the niore feel, it’s dark, and gritty.  It showcases how Batman should be drawn, and while I do love it, I can understand how others may hate this art.  The biggest bummer is that it’s not the same art in Nightwing also.

4.5/5 – Being only the first part this is everything I want in an event starter, but also in a Batman comic.  If you aren’t reading any of these books (Batman, Nightwing, or Detective Comics), you SHOULD pick up this book along with the whole story.  So far Night of the Monster Men is looking to be another Grand Slam by DC Rebirth

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