The Magician – “The Long Day”

The Magician – “The Long Day” is written by David M. Brown, Art/Illustration by D.N.S. and Letters/Graphics by Rob Jones.  Published by Fifth Dimension Comics, an Independent comic company founded in 2013 and making dark books for people who like their coffee black.


Did you or your associates make a mess you need to disappear?  Than the Magician is the man you need to hire.  This is a dark and gritty book about Eugene, also know as the Magician, a mysterious man who is known to clean up any problem.  From the start this book is filled with action and great story telling.   When a blue gym bag is stolen from Tommy Caparelli, he hires the Magician to recover it.  Leaving a trail of bloodshed, the Magician recovers it quickly.  Even as a cold hard killer, the Magician is still a man with morals and values, which leads him to a bad situation.  This comic is a page turner, and lets you get in to the story.  While the Magicians home life part of the story was a slightly confusing and seemed to not fit the story, it was quickly and didn’t really take anything away from it.  Wrapping up to make a perfect one shot, the book ends open enough to hopefully bring us a second arc to the story.


The art in this book is outstanding.  While it’s not over the top like the heavy hitters DC and Marvel, it’s dark and gritty attention to details fits perfect to the story.   The use  of black and white leaves a mystery for the reader to decide, but is combined with the great shading in some of the close-ups painting a great picture.

4/5The Magician is a gritty journey filled with violence, depth and heart.  This independent book knocks it out of the park!  I am hopeful for a second arc to this book, but am still content with the story told.

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