Pull List 9/21/2016



  1. Aquaman #7
  2. Batman #7 Night of the Monster Men Part 1
  3. Green Arrow #7
  4. Justice League #5
  5. Nightwing #5 Night of the Monster Men Part 2
  6. Trinity #1



  1. Civil War 2 #5
  2. Civil War 2: X-Men #4
  3. The Punisher #5
  4. Extraordinary X-Men #1 Annual



  1. Boom: Skybourne #1
  2. Dark Horse: Black Hammer #3 Both Covers
  3. Dark Horse: Weird Detective #4
  4. IDW: The X Files #6
  5. Image: The Fix #4 and 5

Top 5 Looking forward to reading:

  1. Black Hammer #3 – From the time I picked up Black Hammer #1, I’ve been wanting the next.  Jeff Lemire is becoming my favorite author, and this story just proves how great he is.  This appears to be Barbalien’s big issue so excited to learn more on him.
  2. Batman #7 and Nightwing #5 – I love cross over tales and really excited to see where Night of the Monster Men goes.  I added Nightwing to the pull list only for this run, but depending on how I like him we will see.
  3. Skybourne #1 – When this was released my Local Comic shop held a copy for me, and I turned it down.  I think all 3 pod casts i listen to loved it, so I had to grab a copy after that.
  4. The Fix #4 and 5 – Last week i read 1-3 and loved it.  Excited to see where this one takes us.  Image is no stranger to making great comics.
  5. Trinity #1 – This was beat out Civil War #5 and Weird Detective for the last spot, but with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman how can you go wrong?

Thanks again for reading!  If there is anyone on here you’d like me to review please contact me and let me know.  If you haven’t already, please like The Cole Spot on Facebook, you will be able to see what I am reading, help pick what I review, and also have chance to win free swag!


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