Homecoming Vol. 1

When I received my August Bento Comics Box, I mentioned that Homecoming Vol. 1 was the book that looked the best out of the box.  Published by Aspen Comics, the book I am reading has a Comic Bento Exclusive cover.  This book is written by David Wohl, Pencil by Emilio Laise , Color by Brett Smith, and letters by Josh Reed.

HomeComing 3rd

Homecoming is a story of Hunter Wilson, your average slightly awkward high schooler, who is visited by Celeste, the girl who went missing that lived in Hunter’s house before he did.  Celeste doesn’t remember much, but Hunter discovers she was abducted by Aliens. To give her something to do, Hunter hacks into the schools database and gets Celeste into his school.  Where you meet his friends Cole, “The coolest person Hunter knows”, Paul, the meat head who falls for every girl, and Jay Anne, the smart cheerleader that hunter has a crush on.  While setting up for the homecoming dance, they are met by aliens, destroying the gym, and hurting Cole, Paul and Jay Anne.  And all of this happens in just the prelude.  The biggest issue I had, was the prelude is pretty much the cliff notes for chapter 1.  After reading the first chapter it made me want to not enjoy this based on a book, because there are some kind of cheesy lines, but by the time I finish it I was thinking whether I wanted to add this to my pull list or if I am going to wait for the TBP.


Visually there isn’t much putting this book apart from most other comics.  The way that they bring in the aliens and extras is what set this book apart, but it’s really nothing to different from most current comic art.

3.5/5 – This book isn’t going to change the world, but its a fun and easy story that even if you seem to hate at the start, by the end you will want to know whats going to happen in the next book.

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