Doom Patrol #1

DC Comics just restarted the universe with rebirth, but have also brought out DC’s Young Animal.  The Young Animal line is supposed to bring in new characters with distinct art, new concepts, and different story tones.  The first of these Releases is Doom Patrol: Happy Birthday Casey Brink.  Before reading this all I knew about Doom Patrol is Grant Morrison had a great run on the title.


The story kicks off with Casey Brink, a fast driving EMT driver and her partner who really like Gyros.  As I mentioned before I’ve not read Doom Patrol before, but Casey’ partner talks to her about his son who is “weird” like her and also likes to skateboard (I assume hinting towards a new character).  The story also brings in a few other people I’m unsure of like Ricardo, Niles Caulder, Terry None, and a robot.  This is one of the few comics I know just as little about after reading as I did before, but  it gives us just enough to want to keep reading and has humor that will keep you in.


The art in this is great.  It’s bright, but still has dark feels to it. The flash backs that are drawn gritty and mysteries.  While there is one artist it almost seems like they have multiples working on it, but not in a distracting way you get with some of the other DC comics.

4/5 – While over all I’m not really sure whats going on with this comic, I know I want to know.  With the strong opening for Young Animal line, this makes me want to add the rest to the pull list.

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