Glitterbomb #1

As of late Image has been releasing a ton of great comics, and have become my second favorite, if not favorite publisher.  Whenever they drop something new, I give it a try and for the most part don’t even look into a lot of them.


Which leads me to Glitterbomb Part 1: Circular Homicide one of Image’s newest releases which hit the shelves September 7th, 2016.  The stories main character is Ferrah, who is a single mom  trying to get a gig in Hollywood.  And…oh  she also happens to be a monster.  Some  subplots included are sexism and ageism in Hollywood.  You’re also  introduced to her son, her agent and her babysitter who  appear to be recurring characters. The story itself seems to be lacking something, and was really hard to keep me wanting to read this book.


Visually, it’s a great book.  The art is some of the best and really was what kept me in the book.  Each page is set up with a different board style, and really keeps the story moving where the writing lacks.  While it’s a little gritty and dark, it’s perfect for me.

3/5 – This is one of the weakest Image titles I’ve read in a while.  Maybe I am missing something, but I will be picking up the second only in hopes it takes off where the first lacked.

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