The Walking Dead #158

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, has been on going for 13 years and is one of the many comics putting Image Comics one of the top comic book publishers out right now.    While I no longer watch the television show, my recent love for comics got me to finally get caught up with the Walking Dead comics.


The latest update is #158 The Whisperer War Part 2 of 6, is filled with deaths(mostly to walkers), drama, and zombies.  #158 comes to start by really starting the titled whisperer war, giving the fans a somewhat major character death.  However, the biggest addition to the story is finding out which community isn’t helping aid this war, and also the turmoil in another community while they are aiding this “unneeded war”  This should lead up to the next story arc once this 6 part arc is over.  The best part of this comic is the relationship between Dwight and Negan, and how  Negan is continuing to grow, in my mind as the run away for fan favorite character of the book.  Like all Walking Dead comics, it even ends with another cliff hanger surprise, surprise.


Visually, the Walking Dead is as always great.  This book had so much story there are some pages with 4 by 4 grids.  It’s funny when I first got into compendium #1, being black and white made me think it hurt the art, but lately the attention to detail, and shading and inking are what set this art apart. Another great thing about this six part story arc, it’s adding in variant covers, and also an ongoing combined cover (seen here if you haven’t seen it).

4/5 – You don’t get to 158 books without putting out a great product.  Excited to see where the whisperer war takes us on October 5th.

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