XOC The Journey of a Great White is written by Matt Dembicki, who is both the artist and writer.  This comic is published by Oni Press, and I picked it up in my August Comic Bento Box.  The book itself is a nice hard cover book with 120 pages.

XOC 1st

XOC (pronounced Shock) is a story of a great white shark and a turtle he meets along the way.  As XOC travels through the ocean, the journey is filled with other underwater animals, and man-made problems he runs into along the way.  The story focuses on life in the ocean and issues caused by pollution.  Underneath the environmental awareness, this story is a buddy tale of an odd couple.


Visually XOC is pretty good.  There isn’t anything setting it apart from a  normal graphic novel, however it seems to have some art that is a little bit better than your normal children’s book.

3/5 – This is a great book for children, shark lovers and nature lovers.  While this wasn’t bad, it’s just nothing I would go out of my way to read anything like this again.   That being said I will most likely give this to my niece who I think will really enjoy it.

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