August Comic Bento Box

The BoxThe Packing

This is my first Comic Bento box, but also my first subscription box (besides the one loose loot crate I bought at the end of the year).  The package is nice, and lets you know what it is, and when you open it everything is sealed tight and safe.  I’ve gotten many TPB from Amazon and they normally ship horrible and come with a bent corner, or other issues so it was nice to see everything looking good.   For those who don’t look into this service, or know about it, they send you 3-5 books worth about 50 bucks for $17.95(roughly).  If you are considering signing up let me know with a comment or an e-mail and I can send you an e-mail for 15% off.  Every month they have a theme, and this month the theme was Animal Plant.

Let’s get to the Books:

XOC 1st

The first is XOC The Journey of a Great White by Matt Dembicki.  It’s a nice sized hardcover  story of a Shark.  Just flipping over it pretty quickly, its colored and appears to be nicely drawn.  While I normally wouldn’t pick something like this up, it seems like it could be really good, fits the theme perfect, and depending on the story could be something I would share with my niece.  Retail Price $19.99

Sam and Fuzzy 2nd

Second book is Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem by Sam Logan.  This one is the largest book in the box and is a paper back.  Flipping through I noticed it was a black and white comic written in comic strip style.  As I wasn’t quite sure what this was, I read the description to find it’s a story of a young man and a teddy bear.  It appears to be pretty funny by reading some of the descriptions.  Similar to XOC, this is something I normally wouldn’t pick up, but while a Teddy Bear isn’t a true animal, I’ll count this as partly fitting the theme. Retail Price $18.00 (Doesn’t show on the book, but I checked the website)

HomeComing 3rd

Third book is Homecoming by David Wohl.  This is a Comic Bento Exclusive, and a normal TBP size.  Flipping through it is full color, and has some of the best art of the box.  While flipping through I couldn’t figure out what the animal was so I read the description card which they say the animals are Aliens and High School Students.  While I personally don’t think it fits the theme, this does look like the book I will want to read the most. Retail Price $9.99

Jurassic Strike Force 5 4th

The forth and final book is Jurassic Strike Force 5 by Joe Brusha.  This book is the same size as homecoming at the standard TBP size.  Looking through the art looks a little campy, but it is full color.  Just by the cover you can tell it’s a book about a group of dinosaurs.  Similar to the first two, this isn’t something I’d normally pick up, but the description of “a mix of Biker Mice from Mars and G.I. Joes” by the Comic Bento card makes me excited to read it. and it fits the theme. Retial Price $9.99

Bulba 5th

The extra is the Bulbasaur print.  For those who don’t look into this at all, they mentioned that they would have 3 prints from the three starting Pokemon.  While not my favorite, it’s a nice extra.

Overall Thoughts:

Without reading any of these, I’m slightly disappointed with the first box.  Not because most books didn’t seem like things i’d read, but  that it had 2.5 books that fit the theme. While some themes seem harder to fill, I think are plenty of great things that would fit Animal Planet 100% like Animal Man, Maus, Usagi Yojimbo, TMNT to name a few.  Retail Price total is $57.97 which makes the overall value good.  That being said I am excited to get to reading these, and would rank my first Comic Bento 3/5.

If you’d like me to review any of these books please leave a comment, or send an e-mail on which ones.  I hope you enjoyed!  As always if you haven’t already, please like The Cole Spot on Facebook, you will be able to see what I am reading, help pick what I review, and also have chance to win free swag!



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