Black Hammer #2

My second review I wrote was about the first issue of Black Hammer.  I ended that review with “August 17th can’t come soon enough for me!”  After getting all my pulls on Wednesday the first book I grabbed was Black Hammer #2.

BH2Gin (2).jpg

Black Hammer #2 The Curse of Zafram! is almost everything I could have hoped for.  As you can tell by the Variant Cover (If you haven’t seen it), it’s a show case on Golden Gale.  In The Curse of Zafram, you will learn how she became the Golden Gale,  why she is stuck in a nine-year olds body, and following her into her first day of 4th grade.   Another big part of this issue is getting into Madame Dragonfly a little bit more, as the first issue only really show her, and make it seem like she is the outcast of the group.   The second story arc focus on Talky-Walky gizmos that you see him building in the first issue.

By the looks of Issue #3 cover,  it looks like the next issue will bring back story on Barbalien, and possibly the Colonel.  Jeff Lemire, Dean Ormston, Dave Stewart, and Dark Horse really having something special going with Black Hammer, and I am really looking forward to September 21st.  While the story is going at a slower pace, it’s perfect as I feel getting to know more about these heroes in the “Good Ol’ Days”bring a lot to the story.

4.5/5 – Black Hammer #2 is a must read for all

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