Wednesday Pull List 8/17/2016



  1. Aquaman #5
  2. Batman #5
  3. Green Arrow #5
  4. Justice League #3
  5. Scooby Apocalypse #4
  6. Suicide Squad #1



  1. Black Panter #5 (Just liked the Varient so I grabbed it)
  2. Captain America  Steve Rogers #3
  3. Civil War 2 – The Fallen #1
  4. Civil War 2 – Gods of War #3
  5. Civil War 2 – Amazing Spider-Man #3
  6. Civil War 2 – X-Men #3



  1. Paper Girls #5 and 6 (brings me current)
  2. Throwaways #2


Dark Horse:

  1. Black Hammer #2
  2. Briggs Land #1

Decent Size pull list this week, my Marvel is pretty high, but the other stuff is lacking a bit. Lets get to my top five:

  1. Black Hammer #2My second review was for Black Hammer #1, and I loved it.  I’ve been waiting since the day I read that for this to come out to read it.
  2. Briggs Land #1 – I don’t know too much about this, but excited to give it a read
  3. Green Arrow #5  – This has been my favorite of the Rebirths for sure.  I’ve been loving every part of it.
  4. Civil War 2 – Gods of War #3 – I haven’t read much of Hercules, but this title has been pretty good.
  5. Throwaways #2 – The first one was the first image book that didn’t blow me out of the water, so I am hoping this one can pull me in.  If not it’ll probably be removed from my list.

While a lot of the other stuff I am really looking forward to reading, these are my top five.  If you want any reviews on any of these let me know, and I’ll be sure to get them!

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