The Black Monday Murders #1

Image is becoming slowly one of my favorite comic book companies.  While they don’t have the general heroes, they do have the stories.  Their latest release The Black Monday Murders is nothing short of that.


Written by Jonathan Hickman( known for Avengers, East of West and Fantastic Four) and drawn by Tom Coker, The Black Monday Murders starts off bringing into the world of investment banking.  As the title would state, it has to do with murders within the financial industry.   It starts with the rise and fall of the stock exchange and then brings you into the modern era.  Once in today you meet (I am guessing the main character) Theo Dumas, an unorthadoc detective that gets results, who is coming back from a month behind the desk. You also met the Rothchild Family, who is part of the Caina-Kankrin bank.  While the ending had me wondering what exactly we are dealing with(I’ve seen some say magic, but I am still leaning and hoping towards aliens), it also makes me ready for the next one.


Visually it’s almost perfect.  It’s very dark and gritty which helps go with the theme.  The cover really leaves it open for what is going to be inside the book.  They will have mix of full written pages, court notes, and bank information.

4.5/5 – TBMM was great, and leaves you hanging, while it has a big price tag @ 4.99 it also is 50 pages, and is well worth the price!

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