Kill or be Killed #1

Image  comics is no stranger to releasing quality comics. I am reading 4 other series from them: Saga, Walking Dead, Paper Girls, and Renato Jones the One%– All of which are in my top reads right now.  When I saw Kill or be Killed was coming out, I made sure to add it to my pull list as it seemed like something I would dig.

Kill or be Killed takes place with the main character Dylan, who in the first few pages you find out is a killer, killing “People who deserve it.”  Throughout the story, you learn about Dylan’s friends, his struggles and what/who made him a killer.  It has some twists and takes off in a direction I did not foresee.  I picked this up and planned on reading half of it, and putting it down and coming back to it, but it was so effortlessly easy to read and moved so seemlessly I didn’t even put it down.

Kill or be Killed

Visually, it’s dark and gritty to match the story.  The cover was perfect in my opinion because it doesn’t give much away and makes the reader wonder what’s in store.  I loved how in the flash backs, they do the full page images with the character’s thoughts on the side.

5/5 – This was one of the best comics I’ve read all year, and I highly recommend it to anyone.  I can’t wait for the next issue to come out to see where this story takes us.

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