Wednesday Pulls 8/3/16



  1. Aquaman #4
  2. Batman #4
  3. Bombshells #16
  4. Green Arrow #4
  5. Justice League #2
  6. Preacher Book One
  7. Suicide Squad Rebirth
  8. Unfollow #10



  1. Kill or be Killed #1
  2. Paper Girl 1,2,4
  3. Sage Book 5
  4. The Walking Dead #157 Both Covers.



  1. The Punisher #4
  2. Deadpool #16


Source Point Press:

  1. The Rot #1 – with David C Hayes Signature

These are my pulls for the week.  I am really excited to get into a lot of these but my top 5 right now are in no order

  1. Green Arrow #4 – This is probably my favorite rebirth story line right now.  I am really digging this story
  2. Unfollow #10- This is probably my favorite Monthly comic, I really enjoy it.
  3. Kill or be Killed – Seem to see a lot of good things about this and I am really getting into a lot of Image stories right now.
  4. Paper Girl 1 and 2  – I’ve seen a lot of “If you like Saga check out paper girl.”  My local shop didn’t have 3, but i picked up 1 and 2 to see if I liked it and 4 only had one copy so I swooped it for the future.
  5. The Rot #1 – I wrote a review about Hank Steiner and how much I loved it, so I am really excited to see what else Source Point Press has to offer.

Kind of crazy that both Batman didn’t make the top 5, but so much good stuff is coming out.  If you see anything you want me to revierw please let me know.

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