Captain Kid #1

As mentioned in my last review, getting to new publishers has been something I’ve really been trying to tackle.  I saw the local podcast group, Court of Nerds, talk about Captain Kid by Aftershock comics and I figured I’d check it out.  Aftershock Comics  started in 2015, and are trying to be a mix between independent and big name publisher.  They don’t have too much about the company on the website besides who is a part of it and that they have 17 current running series.


“Make it Beautiful” starts off with the main character, Chris, turning 45 in a bar.  While drinking some beers with his buddies, his age is the butt of all the jokes.  This getting old theme countinues throughout the whole book.  A mysterious woman lets Chris know that she knows his secret..(That Chris is a superhero, and his powers allow him to fly, possess super strength, and also transform him to be much younger) The mysterious woman who dresses in eighties gear gives him some clues about a big crime that is going to be committed.  You will be shown more about Chris’ life, what’s going on in town, extra old man jokes and also his new friend by reading Captain Kid #1.

Visually it’s pretty good.  The story itself seems pretty light-hearted, and the images match that. Not the best art I’ve ever seen, but still pretty good.

3.5/5 – They do play a little too much into the fact that the main charactor is old, but I am excited to see where this story takes us.

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