The Flintstones #1

Yabadabadoo!  As most comic followers will know DC has rebooted 4 Hannah-Barbara cartoons into Monthly comics.  When looking at the titles of Future Quest, Scooby Apocalypse, Wacky Raceland and the Flintstones, I rated this as the one I was least likely to enjoy.  I even considered not putting it on my pull list, but went against better judgment and did.


Boy, am I happy I did.  I went with blank Variant, because I normally pull these whenever possible.  I don’t normally go to cons to have people sign or draw on them, but if I do, I figure I’ll have them available.

The comic itself starts off in future Bedrock, and then bring you back to Bedrock we all know and love.  The best part of this series so far is it seem much grittier and a bit darker than the normal cartoon, while still staying true to it.  Fred seems to be more aware and not the dumb loving guy of the cartoon.  Wilma is an aspiring artist, and without giving much away you will learn why when reading it.  Barney appears to be the wingman that Fred always has, and the two of them also are attending meetings for the war, which appears to be the water buffalo from the show.  Betty is shown with Wilma, but appears to be to Wilma what Barney is to Fred.  Neither of the children are shown yet in the first, but you do meet Mr. Slate, his pet turtle and some others along the ride.

Visually this book is a lot different than I would have imaged.  Its makes the main characters a little bit more desirable.  Visually it’s very pleasing and honestly may be some of my favorite art of the Hannah-Barbara DC Reboots.

4/5 – I highly recommend this, and of all the reboots I think it has the strongest of the first books.

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