Wednesday Pulls

Wednesday is always the comic readers favorite day!

Here’s what I got


  1. Aquaman #2 and #3
  2. Batgirl #1
  3. Detective Comics #937
  4. The Flash #3
  5. Future Quest #3
  6. Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squiad Free Special Edition
  7. Redhood and the Outlaws #1
  8. Titans #1
  9. Wonder Woman #2 and #3 – Forgot to add to my pull list.



  1. Black Panther #4
  2. Civil War #3 Midnight Variant Local comic shop had an extra, will look at cover after I read tonight
  3. Civil War #4
  4. Extraordinary X-men #12
  5. Gods of War #2
  6. The Mighty Thor #9
  7. The Uncanny Avengers #11



  1. Archangel #2 – I had gotten the first one, but never added it to the pull list.
  2. The X Files Annual



  1. Captain Kid #1


I am most looking forward to Titans, the Flash, the X File Annual and Catching up on the Civil War main story.  The biggest bummer of the day was when ROM was already sold out, because they were given less than the normal amount needed.  However I will be getting a copy of it soon.  What’s everyone else excited to read?







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