Black Hammer #1

HO-LY Sh*t!!!

This was set aside for me at my local comic shop (The Comic Signal) .  I’ve been asking about new stories from different comic labels and was shown this as a possible pick up.  Seeing as I’ve not read much Dark Horse stories and the cover was pretty cool I figured what the hell.

I went with the Jeff Lemire varient cover which shows 6 heroes fallen surrounding a black hammer with the title, “Lost!! on Mystery Farm.”


Black Hammer starts off with Abe, an angry farm owner, doing his normal chores around the farm.  As he finishes he walks towards the house, where we meet his 5 other companions including a “9-year old” smoking and flying girl, a pink alien who can also appear as a human, a crazy looking man who can teleport in and out of surfaces, his robot companion named Talky-Walky and a mysterious witch looking lady.  The story later reveals some relationships they have with the locals of the town, and there is talk of the 10 year anniversary.

The visuals are dark and gritty which helps add the mysterious factor to this comic.

The comic gives you just enough of the characters and ends with a strong cliff hanger keeping you wanting more.  As a first monthly book from Dark Horse, I am extremely happy and glad I picked it up.  Not sure if this is the normal with Dark Horse monthly’s, but this book had no ads at all.  I know August 17th can’t come soon enough for me!  I am also considering picking up some other Dark Horse books to tide me over.

4.5/5 Great story and a must buy!


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