TMNT Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything!

So I want to start off with I haven’t seen much TMNT stuff besides a few clips of the new Nickelodeon show with my niece.  I don’t read any of the TMNT comics (I have one or two of the books with Batman in my to read section), but a friend mentioned this 5 part story and I figured what the hell, Bebop and Rocksteady let’s do this.

I decided to go with the normal cover for the first and did the sub covers for the other four.  My favorite is the #2 with Pepperoni on the cover.


Now onto the content.  As mentioned before I haven’t been keeping up with the modern TMNT stuff, but figured I’d let the child in me run wild with these books. The main focus on this story is to showcase Bebop and Rocksteady, having the Turtles as sub characters.  While they are not made to be look like heroes, it shows Bebop and Rocksteady in the fun loving and straight idiotic way that made them become the favorites amongst turtle villains.  The main plot involves, BB, RS, and the Turtles traveling through time and different dimensions.  While I am a huge fan of time travel stories, this seemed to fall a bit short of what I wanted.  Without Bebop and Rocksteady, I probably wouldn’t have completed reading, but the nostalgia kept me in.

Visually I enjoyed the art, and using the different artists for the different dimensions was pretty cool.  While normally having many artists can ruin a story, because of the different dimensions it actually made it easier to follow.

Overall, this story was a nice way to bring back some childhood nostalgia, but isn’t making me read more TMNT comics.  If you are a huge Bebop and Rocksteady fan, I think it’s a good read and you should enjoy it.  As it is suggested for mature audiences, it seems like this could have been a little bit grittier, but I would guess the majority of TMNT fans may be less into that.

Rating: 2.5 /5 unless a huge fan, may not be worth reading.

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